This is the beginning...


Hello Sweet Souls,


This is the beginning, of anything you want has been posted on the studio wall as an inspiration for the past year.  I wholeheartedly believe you can decide at any given moment what you want for this one precious life. Though, this is a farewell to the studio, the yoga lives on.  My deepest intention has always been to make a difference in the world, to somehow someway, rise up within myself and to make connections through the practice of Yoga.  I hope I/We can continue to be an example of this.


I am so thankful for each of you, and for the many messages and notes I have received in love and mutual respect.  The yoga studio teaching experience (the people/teachers/students/friends) is beyond what I can convey with words.  Without the labels, all that is left is love.  


Love is the vibration of the universe, imprinted by light to create and manifest matter.

In love and light we have come together these many years to share an experience. 


I want to continue to practice with you and stay connected.  You may be wondering what's next for Yoga Garden?  Yoga Garden is complete.  It has served it's purpose for many years with dedicated teachers who will continue to share their gifts in their own way and the many students who have shared their time and energy with us.


For myself, I am so excited for the next chapter...coming full circle, as Rumi would say "Back to the root of the root of my own soul". 


My plans for a therapeutic long term water fast is still in the works.  As many of you have experienced, there is a constant shift of expectations (Costa Rica is still closed to U.S. travel) and I am looking into  alternatives closer to home.  I still look forward to a restful healing time to purify the body as I am a firm believer the body has an innate intelligence and given the chance can heal itself. 


This is the beginning, of anything I want.


Please stay tuned for my new website (I will make sure to send you a link when it's live!).

I will continue to offer 3 main services.


Yoga Practices, Yoga Trainings, and Life Coaching! 


Yoga Practice

While I am away we can still continue to practice together!  Go to FREE yoga videos for previously recorded livestream videos of Gentle Yoga and Energizing Vinyasa Flow CLICK HERE


Private Lesson via Zoom or a recorded video "My Very Own Yoga Video" designed specifically for your Yoga needs.  Let me know if you would like more info and how I can be of service!


For now, Thursday August 30th was the last livestream + in studio class until after my return.  After, I will regroup and let you know how/when we can meet again :)


Through August, please join me for Outdoor Yoga Saturday's from 10 a.m - 11 a.m.

Healing Arts Center backyard (open space).

If you have outstanding passes, you can come to class. 

No registration required.


Yoga Trainings

I will continue to do what I love most...teach teachers!  This is one of the greatest impacts I feel I can make.  Stay tuned for One Month Immersions with two track options: 

1) Yoga Teacher - for those who know teaching yoga is what you want to offer to the world

2) "My Life" Coach - learn how to yoga your mind and coach yourself to a more authentic life


Life Coaching

If you aren't familiar with life's yoga for your mind.  Stretch & strengthen your brain with an honest look at how the results of your life manifest from your thinking (conscious and unconscious).  I can't wait to walk along side you as we explore the many workings of the mind and how it really is the catalyst for how we feel, act, and the results we get in our lives.  Yes, it is work but the greatest work of your life and you are so worth the effort!


That's it for now :)


I am inspired by the beautiful souls I have had the privilege to know and Iook forward to the new spirals of expansion for us all. 


But first, releasing the shared experience into the sacred fire...fueled by gratitude. 


Transformed into anything we want.


In love&light,


Liz and Yoga Garden Team

©2020 by Yoga Garden