get the most out of your yoga...

Self Study or Svadhyaya is the first step in living your yoga on and off the mat. 

The first part of the word—sva—means “self.” The second part—dhyaya—is derived from the verb root dhyai, which means “to contemplate, to think on, to recollect, or to call to mind.” Thus, it works to translate dhyaya as “study”—to study one’s own self.


As teachers we are students of the practice first!  Here are simple/profound ways we keep ourselves engaged in the practice.

"I do a couple of things each morning, the first is drinking hot water with pink Himalayan salt and the juice of half a lemon.  I have done this for years to help boost my immune system (thyroid).  While I drink this, I am doing my gratitude writing.  I started doing this in order to combat some of the negative talk that I continue to struggle with.  I find that it helps me get in a positive frame of mind and moves towards my intention for this year - LOVE.  I plan on focusing on the LOVE and exploring it in various ways throughout the year and see where it takes me. "  Rosette

"For my personal practice at home I like candles or dim lighting, incense to clear, I diffuse essential oils to ease the mind (usually palo Santo, frankincense, sandalwood, etc.). I tune in for an indefinite amount of time just whatever is needed for the connection, followed by a mantra. My favorites are the Gayatri, Adi Shakti, Gobinday Mukunday, and the Moola Mantra (Hari Om Tat Sat). This may or may not be followed by other sound vibrations. Then I do what poses my body feels like it needs or is craving."  Michele

"I do ujayi breath when I'm in traffic or waiting in a long line. It make me feel calm and centered.  I use this breath all the time in my daily life."  Mimi

"Bring in a glass water bottle (stay away from plastic) to your practice, let it sit during practice with all the good vibes and then give it all your intention, after, drink your high vibration water...I think this is a great start to begin to observe frequency, vibration, matter, our thoughts.  We are 70% are you raising your vibe?  What do you fill yourself up with throughout the day?  This simple practice that you can bring into your yoga practice, can be used throughout the day."  Liz



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