November 17th - 19th -

Intro to Seat of the Teacher & Deep in Yogic Philosophy with Mary Stewart


Begin with "breath centering" meditation for the beginning of class (up to 5 minutes) or write your own.


Basic Asana Sequence Practice Recording:  This is meant to be a guide.  I left a lot for interpretation and for you to find your inner teacher!

Continue with the basic sequence up to Warrior 1.  Be prepared to teach next session.  You can make it unique through your transitions.  Here are both recordings:

The Heart of Yoga:  Read pages 9 to 25

The Key Muscles of Yoga Volume 1
Review and then Test your knowledge on the following when we meet in December (some fill in the blank or multiple choice) - this is not a pass or fail test, rather this will check-in for you to review and understand the concepts:

Page 41: Three Types of Muscle Contraction - Cocentric (isotonic) contraction,            Eccentric, and Isometric
Page 42 - 43:  Stretching Muscles:  2 types of Static Stretching, Facilitated Stretching, Dynamic Stretching
Page 44: Six different directions of movement in three planes
Page 45: Pose with Movement

Extras:  Read and Review Pages 57 to 111, you have been assigned one chapter to teach and summarize to the group:  write a summary, do a show and tell with visuals, and/or teach the muscle through yoga postures, etc.  This is open to interpretation and can be as creative as you would like, however, include the following in your presentation: 

1.  location of the muscle

2. explanation of what the muscles do

3.  teach at least one pose that stretches the muscle

4.  teach at least one pose that activates the muscle


Presentation will be about 5 - 10 minutes.  Please email me in advance any written work or outline of your presentation.

Chapter 1:  Iliopsoas - Lynn
Chapter 2:  Gluteus Maximus - Pam
Chapter 3:  Gluteus Medius - Brooke
Chapter 4:  Tensor Fascia Lata - Willow
Chapter 5:  Pectineus and Adductor Magnus - Michelle
Chapter 6:  External Rotators (Piriformis & Quadratus Femoris) - Rosette
Chapter 7:  Quadriceps - Anna
Chapter 8:  Hamstrings - Kara

Anatomy Volume 2:  N/A

Pilgrim:  Read Touchstone 4, 5, and 6

Bhagavad Gita:  N/A

Mary Stewart and The Yoga Sutras Homework in case you didn't get a copy and

here is a copy and the link for ease from Homework Question #3

Click Here

Extra Reading from Mary:  Optimum Strategy for Relieving Suffering

Basic Sequence Part 1 of 5 - Unknown Artist
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Basic Sequence Part 2 of 5 - Unknown Artist
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