"I came to the practice to better myself, and then found it was about self acceptance...learning to love myself as is.  The foundation of my instruction combines the physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey. By integrating body, breath, movement, and meditative awareness, I strive to promote an understanding of the integration of all these aspects in your personal health and well-being.  It has been such a joyful journey as a teacher and student of yoga these many years!  I teach because this practice deeply fulfills me and I hope it touches all our students and community in some way."

Liz has been certified and teaching since 2010, teaching a variety of classes ranging in levels of intensity and recently received an additional 300 Hour Certification in Goa, India 2019.  She leads Yoga Retreats and Yoga Teacher Trainings.  She continues her studies through various teachers and mentors, workshops, and retreats.

Liz Suchinda



Bethany holds a degree in Exercise and Sports Science from Oregon State University, was a certified group fitness instructor through AFAA for 16 years, and now manages fit2b.com which she founded 5 years ago. Bethany specializes in Mula Bandha, bringing the deep core into every movement in a manner that is safe for those with abdominal trauma.

"My joy in health and fitness began as a shy sophomore showing up for a high school step aerobics class in a dress, but I instantly fell in love with the unity of bodies moving, balancing, strengthening, reaching together! Pursuing certifications was intuitive, and thus my teaching career began at age 18 with step, kickboxing, spin cycling, lifting, aerobic dance, Yoga, Pilates ... although I've never master Zumba because apparently my hips don't lie. College was a delight to me, and I worked as the assistant manager of a club until I had children. When my body just didn't bounce back right, and my abs stayed separated, I spent a couple of years researching and adapting my methods to facilitate core healing. My prayer is that my calm voice and unique method of blending Pilates with Yoga and other body resistance moves will provide you with a flowing, satisfying total body workout that builds your confidence and strength from the inside out!"

Bethany lives with her family in Battle Ground on 7 acres with 2 horses, 13 chickens, 2 cats, a chihuahua, and 4 goats which she hand-milks. She believes exercise is just practice for real life, and she's on a mission to raise awareness of diastasis recti abdominal separation. She is available for privates and small group sessions.

Beth Learn


Yoga Alliance Certified

Mimi has been practicing yoga for 16 years, and been steadily teaching 9 years. She was certified here in Portland at Core Power Yoga. After receiving her 200-hour teaching certification Mimi has taught a variety of classes including power yoga, vinyasa, yin, gentle, and pre-natal.

In her classes, Mimi brings a focus on Prana energy (breath), and connecting movement with breath to help your practice flourish. The goal for her is to create the union of mind, body, and spirit throughout each class.


As a wife and mother, to a very active 8 year old boy, she enjoys the practice of yoga to bring balance to her busy active lifestyle. She enjoys the ability yoga brings to quiet the mind, and help one reconnect to the self! Mimi strives to always build a sacred space to practice. A space with no judgements. Through practice finding self love and acceptance.

Mimi Reid


Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher

My yoga journey is ever-evolving and growing deeper as I move through this new season of my life.  I have long been a teacher, whether it was in a classroom, a gym, or studio, I have always LOVED to teach.  While I have worn many hats throughout my life and career, I have found that Yoga has helped me remain calm and grounded - especially when I find myself in transition.  It was only natural that I would eventually find myself taking the 200 hour Yoga Teacher training course.  

As your instructor, my intention is to support you in your daily asana practice through movement and breath work. I believe that everything begins with the breath and when we are able to focus on that one point, we are able to find the calming stillness that our mind and body craves. 

Rosette Braaten


Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher

Yoga, fitness and health are my life. I live and breath yoga, fitness and health coaching-- teaching yoga, HIIT, aerobics, body sculpting/weight training, meditation, and diet and lifestyle coaching based on a raw vegan, living foods. I’ve been a yoga instructor for 4 years, practicing myself for 7 years and having trained over two years in Vinayasa with a renowned teacher in Israel that trained in India. Yoga for me is sanity. It is the peace that settles my mind, body and soul and the gift that I can give those around me.


My journey to health and fitness came after six years of battling a severe illness in my intestines and entire body-- inflammatory bowel disease—an autoimmune disease that takes over your life to the point where life stops. I was constantly in and out of the doctor’s office and emergency rooms, up all night nauseous and throwing up, taking 15 pills a day, passing blood and diarrhea, on steroids, overweight, unable to eat, covered in hives, missing work, losing my hair, and stressed out and depressed beyond imagination, feeling like I couldn’t go on...

I knew deep down that this was wrong, that this wasn'tliving. I was young, why couldn’t I be healthy like everyone else I knew, living carefree? Why was my body so sick? I refused to believe what western medicine and my doctors told me. I refused to believe that my body was sick, that my body would self- destruct unless I took lots of drugs. Why would my body want to slowly destroy itself?... This made no sense to me. This had to be wrong.

So I started to read... I learned about the intestines. I learned about autoimmune disease. I learned about eating raw foods. I learned about fasting. I learned about exercise. I learned about yoga. I learned about veganism. I learned about eastern philosophy. Nothing could stop my desire to find a way to live free from sickness. I channeled all of my suffering into finding a solution for life, without a single pill. Without a single doctor.

I found it. After four years of study I am now disease free, off all medicine, and living with such vitality that doctors are in disbelief. I am 100% healed, and 100% thriving. I have muscle all over my body, a metabolism of a twelve-year-old, the skin of an adolescent, and the endurance of a conditioned athlete...

I take all that I have learned for my own healing, and I have made it into my life’s mission to help others heal and thrive. I never imagined that I would transform my suffering into healing everyone else around me... But I could not imagine any other realty. I love what I do. I love life, and I hope to share that passion with you! Let’s heal and thrive together!

As your instructor, my intention is to support you in your daily asana practice through movement and breath work. I believe that everything begins with the breath and when we are able to focus on that one point, we are able to find the calming stillness that our mind and body craves. 

Lianne Nibley


Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher



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