Omwork reminders:


I am excited to see your business cards! Remember, even if you don't know exactly what your business looks like...I want to offer that  you put it out into the universe that you are a yoga teacher and you are open for business and then just remain open.


You don't have to stop there... If you have more Marketing in mind and want to share please do so. We will do Show and Tell in June.


We will continue to read The Gita up to chapter 15.


Please take a look at requirements and check to see where you are at. If you need teacher assits, let me know and we can get that set up right away. Also, remember you do have a month in between are June and July session to finish up any remaining homework or practicum.


4 of 5 yoga classes -- If there are things you want to work on, or a new sequence you want to practice, this is the time to do so, or perhaps teach some of your class sequence for July's graduation!  15 - 20  minutes max.  We will also play with our "teacher tag" where each of you go up and wing it for a few minutes -- it's a good idea to be able to sequence classes on the fly  :)



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