Yoga Intro Package $129

30 Days of Unlimited Yoga + BARRE $111 ADD private lesson for $18 more!

$234 Value for $129


Are you new to yoga?  Would you like a private lesson before joining classes to increase your confidence and awareness of poses?  This lesson is a great option for new or returning clients.  We will go over Vinyasa flow basics (physical with an inner emotional and spiritual journey), and your goals and intentions for living your Yoga. 

This is appropriate for injury free clients who want a boost in their health and wellness regimen and to start a formal yoga practice.

Single Private Lesson $95

Do you need a lesson to evaluate your current practice?  Do you need to get the most out of your Yoga with your hectic schedule?  Do you need a tune-up to continue with your current practice and want guidance from a yoga professional? 

Whether you are new to yoga or simply prefer a one-on-one experience, a private yoga class with one of our talented instructors may be your answer. In the past students have selected this option when they:

  • Want specific assistance with modifications

  • Are developing a home practice and want a customized practice to take with them

Private yoga classes are a great option for students who feel ‘too busy’ to practice. Simply make an appointment to accommodate your schedule.  Make the commitment to tailor your yoga experience through private instruction.

Do you need a mobile teacher?  We will be happy to bring yoga to you!  Additional $15 rate.

High Vibe Yoga Sessions 4/$300

Would you like to learn more about Yoga Philosophy, History, and a deeper breath of the practice?  4 weekly sessions based on areas of study you are interested in...tailored to your yogic journey.  Lessons are yoga asanas along with suggested readings and homework.  This is to introduce you to concepts and open the door for your own exploration.  This is also appropriate if you want a personalized yoga class before entering into group classes.


Call Liz at 360-607-3315 to see if this would be an appropriate option.


Some topics can include:


Personal Yoga Sequence

Yoga History

4 Paths of Yoga

Super Busy Yogi 12/$840

(12 Private Yoga Sessions – 1X/Week) $840 – $70/session

Do you need to get the most out of your practice in the limited time you have ?  Do you want an instructor to guide you through your Yoga tailored to your needs?

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