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It’s incredible how many people say they’d like to get fitter and live a healthier lifestyle, but aren’t quite sure where to start. That’s where we come in.


See the private lesson options we offer below, and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Currently offering "My Own Yoga Video" for $99

A home video designed with your specific needs and wants that you can use over and over again!

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Private Lesson Plans

New Client Starter Package with Liz Suchinda

Are you ready to make major changes in your life?  Where your health is the utmost importance?  Let us help you!

What you get:

  • 60 minutes of personalized attention

  • Learn the Basics of linking Breath & Body

  • Learn how an awareness of your thoughts effect your life

  • Option to request a 30 minute take home routine designed just for you

  • Continue your practice with 30 Days of Unlimited Clas

Private Yoga Lesson

Perfect for you if:
You want to deepen your practice
You have limited time and want one-on-one attention to get the most out of your time
You want a take home practice to begin a formal yoga practice at home

Private Lesson with Bethany Learn

Beth's Expertise is sought after!  If you would like a specialized class plan and or a way to better your health and wellness schedule an appointment today.

Beth has been immersed in the fitness industry since she began working in athletic clubs in 1995. She became a certified group fitness instructor in 1997 and received her Bachelor of Science in Exercise & Sport Science from Oregon State University in 2001.

She has trained and certified in a wide variety of fitness specialties since then including: Yoga, Pilates, hypropressives, aerobics, spinning, weightlifting, prenatal/postpartum fitness, and restorative exercise.

Her personal struggle with diastasis recti, as well as the struggle she observed in many of her clients, led her to creating which is the world’s first home workout video website exclusively devoted to TummySafe Fitness. Beth has worked tirelessly since 2010 to integrate diastasis recti rehabilitation into mainstream fitness styles. 

She has traveled the world as a speaker and educator, and she has fostered world-wide collaborations for her Fit2b Radio podcast and online fitness courses including Experts In Diastasis Recti, 14 Days to A Better Neck, Get your Glutes In Gear, and many others on

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