About Ron Parker:


"I wanted to share with you that I had an appointment with my neurologist yesterday exactly two years to the day after my initial diagnosis of ALS. When I was initially diagnosed and all the testing was done at Kaiser, I immediately went up to University of Washington medical Center to their experts for a second opinion. They did all the same testing and confirmed the diagnosis - you have ALS and two to four years to live on average most of which time will be spent in increasing levels of disability and suffering. 


Yesterday on the 2-year anniversary my doctor repeated those same test. He could find no evidence of als on any of the tests. He does not understand and has never seen this happen before in his career nor have any of the many of his peers that he's talked to around the world about my case. I asked him if it could have something to do with meditation, specifically self-healing and mindfulness meditations that I've tried to practice diligently over those two years, and the yoga and the focus on better foods and all the fitness running in the mountains. He said it he believes it may and that he has no better explanation for it. This means essentially that it appears now I am fully cured. Fully cured of a disease that is always terminal.


I've said all along, or at least after I go to after the initial blow of the diagnosis, that it has been a gift because it taught me to live again and to be present in the moment. I believe that more than ever now. What a wonderful wonderful gift, and I believe there is a Divine calling searching for me and I for it, so I can make the most out of the extra time that I've been given. 


I must find my Dharma:

I was like an old granite statue of a man, stained, broken, worn away. Leaning but not fallen, the original beauty and purity barely recognizable. When suddenly one strike from the hammer of Now and I was split open. But rather than being destroyed, the fracture begins revealing clean, pure and solid stone. Each new moment of presence chips away, and something beautiful and powerful is emerging. I will try to wait patiently and with presence and openness to what is. I wonder what will the transformation be and how will I use it to make my best possible contribution to this world?"

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