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Our studio is home to various artists.  We love the human touch and life the different art pieces bring to our studio!  Here is a our current featured artist.  Om.

Artist Profile April 2018

Kenneth E Meyer
Media: Photography (Digital Prints)

Mission: Capture the beauty of nature and share it with the
Inspiration: Family Vacation Photos, Ansel Adams, Art
Wolfe, Ray Atkeson and many other published Nature
Experience: 30 years the (first 20 in film)
Subjects: Wildlife, Flowers, Sunsets, Sunrises, Landscapes
My passion is getting outdoors and communing with the natural world. My free time is spent at local
wildlife refuge, or some other natural place. When I am running around in nature I am planning a trip or
wishing I was there. It is how feed my spirit.
Photography is my way of capturing special places and moments and sharing them with others. Every
place has something special, so I rarely venture into the wild without a camera. I find beauty in the
details and contrast. I am constantly searching for details in wildlife and flowers. The more intricate the
detail revealed in the subject the happier I am. When it comes to landscapes, sunsets, and sunrises I am
looking for splashes of color. Flowers in mountain meadows and reflections in mountain lakes are my
favorite landscape subjects.

Featured Yoga Studio Artist - January - March

Digital Images by Michael Kay
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Michael at



I began taking photos as a teen, and ended up with a degree in Television
Production. As my adult years went on, I mostly took family snapshots. In retirement I got to finally get creative…

The advent of digital photography and software programs like Photoshop opened up a whole new world of possibilities that continue to be developed. Now I can layer different exposures of the same picture on top of one another, and get beautifully correct shadows and highlights in a finished print that were really not possible before. I can saturate the colors so that they look like what my eyes actually saw, or I can alter pixels in such a way as to make our photos look like paintings.

Lately I have been creating photograph-based layered and textured images. This gives what would otherwise be a nice, but ho-hum, picture an added element of interest. I do all my own printing, with much of my work ending up on large format canvas.

I also create digital files of other artist’s paintings, giving them a digital
archive of their work and providing a way to make prints for family and
friends, or for sale. In addition, I photograph the works of 3D
artists—sculptors, potters, metal works etc.—so that they can show their work without carrying it around.



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