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Jill graduated from the Utah College of Massage therapy. She has facilitated permanent and lasting healing through massage and body work since June 2001. Often massage is thought of as a luxury or form of pampering. However, for Jill, this work is about providing healing. It is a systematic way of supporting the body in its journey to recovery and wellness. That means everything, she does is intentional, well researched, and designed to improve functioning.

Her background training includes, soft tissue & injury rehabilitation, fascia balancing, muscle re-education, trigger point, successively assisting clients to overcome chronic pain and debilitating injuries. Other techniques include cranial sacral, primitive reflex Integration, unblocking the lymphatic drainage system, balancing and healing the nervous system, releasing cranial nerves, somatic-emotional release. These subtle and gentle techniques have proven extremely effective in providing healing and support for people struggling with; Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, MS, nervous system problems, concussion and lymphatic issues, recovery from stroke, cerebral palsy, vestibular recovery, brain injuries and chronic pain.

Her specialty is providing a comprehensive, unique, specialized therapy treatment with every client to facilitate maximum healing by observing and listening to your body. Depending on your health needs, your massage treatment might include many of the techniques in every appointment or maybe just 1 or 2.

PS For fun, besides helping people feel better, she loves decorating with fengshui, relishes doing things with a “before and after,” with the body in healing and with houses and gardening.

She likes listening to audio books when she is resting or exercising, and in her free time and relaxes with friends and family time.



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Kristin is a licensed Esthetician and the owner of Wildflower Skin Studio (formerly Kristin’s organic skincare). She specializes in holistic organic facials and body treatments. With a focus equally on results and relaxation you will experience a luxurious service with all natural and organic products from Eminence Organics. This award- winning skin care line has been voted Favorite Skin Care Line for 11 years in a row by spa professionals.

Kristin’s goals for your service is to ensure that you experience a relaxing treatment that effectively addresses your skin care concerns and goals. Also, that you learn how to continue healing and getting results at home with education and home care.

Kristin specialize in organic facials and body treatments. Kristin is a licensed Esthetician and CARE certified in Raindrop Technique, an essential oil body treatment and is an authorized Eminence Organics retailer.

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