Our Yoga Retail wall is available at the studio!  Helping you feel inspired. 

Mindful shopping passed along to our

clients with love. 

Meditation Cushions because we all need support


Meditation cushions ( Zafu ) hand made and stuffed with millet hull which is perfect for meditation or a person with lowerback pain. It provides support by molding to the shape of your body and supporting your lower hip and properly aligning your spine. It is so comfortable that you feel like sitting on top of sand bag.


Our cushion cover is:

  • Made with 100 % canvas cotton.

  • Has invisible zipper insides if needs to wash.  

  • Double stitched for extra strength 

Manduka Pro Lite Yoga Mats


Teacher's favorite mats!  We have tried them all, and manduka mats are the best.  We love these eco-friendly mats for their incredible grip, and life-time warranty. 

Love Bottles - Glass Bottle means it's Earth Day Everyday ❤


Love is contagious. Studies have shown that showing care, compassion and empathy can inspire those feelings in others. Feelings of love have been linked to reduced stress, long life and improved mental well-being. Love Bottle is about bringing Love and Water together and every bottle has love messages embedded. Our handcrafted lid has two water droplets coming together to form the heart. There is a raised heart on the chest to remind you to always wear your heart out and a special special discovery message on the bottom. When you take a sip, look through the mouth of your bottle and you will see that UR Loved. Water always tastes better when you Drink with Love!  5% of every bottle purchased goes to Global Water.

Yoga Tanks - not too tight, not too baggy...just right


Cute, comfortable graphic yoga tanks! 


Not All Who Wander are Lost

Listen to Your Heart

Pilgrim Book by Britt B. Steele to help light your way...


A guide for the spiritually minded yogi who seeks to fill one's life with light and gradually and gently release that which no longer offers benefit.  This self-guided journey contains 12 "touchstones"  that provides a structure for bringing the ancient teachings of yoga, integration, alignment with nature and overall vitality to the forefront of one's mind and one's life.  It is designed to guide, inspire, and fill one's life with sustainable, practice tools and jewels ♥

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